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4oz Candle - Beeswax

4oz Candle - Beeswax

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4oz Candle Typical burn time for candle is between 6 to 8ish hours

Please use with caution and do not burn candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

You may notice your candle wax has or has developed a crack in the wax. That is perfectly normal. Beeswax is a hard wax and contracts as it cools, which causes cracking.

Beeswax is a natural wax made by honeybees and much like most things honeybees make, has great benefits. Whether you are purchasing Beeswax Candles or Clamshell Melts from Hughes Farms the effects should be the same. 

When you burn or use your melter to melt Hughes Farms Beeswax you may notice the scent is minimal to no scent. I would love to sell you a Beeswax Candle or Melt that had a strong scent, unfortunately Beeswax does not work that way. If we were to add fragrance to the Beeswax we would contaminate the benefits of using this natural wax. 

Beeswax helps to rid toxins such as dust and odors by producing negative ions and attaching to them. This is good for air quality, helping clear allergies, as well as helping with asthma symptoms. We are not doctors and make no claims as to the benefits of Beeswax. If you would like further information on Beeswax please look on the Internet. 

Beeswax will produce little to no smoke or soot, unlike other candles. You will notice if you have purchased a Beeswax Clamshell Melt it is incredibly hard to break into little squares to put into your melter. You should safely use a knife or something to cut or break it into smaller squares. Please be safe and think about how you will break it into smaller squares before you actually try. 

Our 100% Beeswax Candles and Clamshell Melts are locally sourced by local Bees from Greene County PA. We would like to thank you for helping to support our little company. We hope you enjoy

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